Geek Out - Prosumer Networking With Ubiquity & Unifi

Episode 418 | Geek Out - Prosumer Networking With Ubiquity & Unifi

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Every business will eventually have to move to the cloud and adapt to it. That’s a fact. ShareGate helps with that. Our industry-leading products help IT, professionals, worldwide with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams migrations as well as Teams security and management.

Are you under increasing pressure to ship code faster than ever before? Then it’s time to work smarter with Raygun’s modern approach to error and performance monitoring.

Raygun gives you instant visibility into the health of your software, and what makes it so unique is that it not only tells you when something’s gone wrong, it shows you exactly where it’s gone wrong and how to fix it, right down to the line of code.

Made by developers for developers, Raygun has built a suite of monitoring tools that are used and loved by thousands of software teams every day. Monitor every corner of your tech stack with widespread language support and native integrations with GitHub, Jira, Slack, Bitbucket, Octopus Deploy, and more, for even greater visibility.

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Geomant’s Buzzeasy Contact Center for Microsoft Teams allows organizations to use Teams for omnichannel customer interaction. The solution offers Digital and Social channels with escalation and channel hopping, enhanced real-time and historical dashboards through PowerBI along with optional Wallboard solutions. Includes easy call and digital flow administration, supervisory functions (whisper and barge in) as well as CRM integration. Deployment options are available as a Native Teams app or through a modern browser.

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